Manual Call Point

SIGI-271 Fire Alarm Call Points are part of GE’s Signature Series system.
These integrated assemblies feature the familiar KAC Installers’
Series Call Point packaged with Signature Series intelligent addressable/
analogue interface electronics.
In all 271 Series Call Points, the switch is held off by the edge of the
glass. When the glass is broken by pressing directly on it, the switch
is released and an alarm sent to the Signature loop controller. A
protective plastic coating on the glass prevents operator injury and
inhibits the release of glass fragments.
Each Signature Series Call Point constantly runs self-checks to
provide important maintenance information. The results of the
self-check are automatically updated and permanently stored in the
Call Point’s non-volatile memory. This information is accessible for
review any time at the control panel, PC, or by using the SIGA-PRO
Signature Program/Service Tool.
The information stored in the Call Point’s memory includes:
Call Point serial number, address, type code.
Manufacture date, hours of operation, last maintenance date.
Number of recorded troubles, alarms, time and date of last alarm.
Up to 24 possible trouble codes that may be used to specifically
diagnose faults.