Tyco Early Suppression Fast Response Pendent Sprinklers (ESFR-25)

The Model ESFR-25 Pendent Sprinklers are “Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers” having a nominal K-factor of 25.2.They are suppression mode sprinklers that are especially advantageous as a means of eliminating the use of in-rack
sprinklers, when protecting high-piled storage.The Model ESFR-25 is primarily designed for use with storage heights of most encapsulated or non-encapsulated common materials including cartoned unexpanded plastics to 40 ft.(12,2 m) high and with ceiling heights to 45 ft. (13,7 m). In addition, the protection of some storage arrangements of rubber tires, roll paper, flammable liquids, aerosols, and automotive components can be considered as well.The ESFR-25 provides the system designer with hydraulic and sprinkler placement options not presently available to the traditional ESFR sprinklers