CO2 Industrial Data Sheet

This type of system consists of high pressure cylinders containing carbon dioxide (CO2) agent under pressure, connected to fixed piping and nozzles or hoses. The systems are used for Total Flooding of a volume with carbon dioxide, such as a flammable liquid storage room, or for Local Application, such as on a Work Bench. Since carbon dioxide is electrically non-conductive, it is frequently used for protection of electrical equipment. Being a gaseous fire extinguishing system makes CO2 suitable for fires in electrical equipment, electronic equipment, and flammable liquids. Where the hazard being protected is enclosed in a room, total flooding systems are provided. Where there is no enclosing room for the hazard, local application systems serve best. Since a total flooding system extinguishes fires by smothering within a fixed volume, the volume of the room being protected must be closed at the time of discharge. Any doors or dampers in the room must be self-closing or close automatically in the event of system operation.